Mary Blount 1929 - 2020

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Sally Harris
I have known Fred and Mary since the 1980s when they started the Emanuel Christian Fellowship. Mary was such a saintly person, Jesus' love just flowed from her, didn't it? They were sowers and gardeners for the Lord for so many decades,(even 9 ?} . I was pleased when I heard they were moving to the Ludlow Baptist Church. I knew they would be like a father and mother to people up there, then, thinking of the children of families in the area, having taught in Ludlow Comprehensive 2 1/2 years. Now I learn she was a mother to you all. She was so lovely.

Cally, Caddy, Andrew and Ben
What a privilege to have been part of your life. Such a wonderful woman of God. We will love and remember you always.

Chris, Kathryn and Natalie Chillingworth
Mary was a true disciple of God and accepted His blessings without question. Her love for praising the Lord will never be forgotten by us especially when she prayed and sang. Always a wonderful smile that came from deeply within.

Diane & Jem
Our dear Mary had a beautiful soul which reflected Jesus for all the world to see. She will be sadly missed but we all know where she is, praising our Lord & Saviour in the Heavenly Realms.

Mary's commitment to and love of the Lord were always very apparent. They defined her. She was kind to everyone, and lived her life in the light of eternity. We will miss her, but know that she is with her Lord and Saviour.

Pat Jennings
Mary prayed faithfully for all the Nigerian friends she met and kept up with their news. Thank you Mary for the untold blessings you have brought into their lives.

Rob and Jan

I'll never forget the joy and excitement on Mary's face when Billy first came to church and she recognised him as being the small boy she had taught at Sunday School, and gave him a big hug and welcome.

I met Mary and her husband many years ago when they were on the Chaplaincy Team at Ludlow Hospital. When I started to attend the Baptist at Rockspring, Mary made me very welcome and gave me a copy of her Collection of Poems which I shall treasure always.

Linda and Geoffrey Monk
Throughout the time we have known Mary at LBC we were always impressed with her reading of the Bible and her readiness to pray in the meetings. She will be greatly missed.

Mike and Jan
Mary Our Dear Friend - you have been a shining example to us all, we will remember you with so much love and admiration. Safe in the arms of Jesus.

Nick and Alison Cooke
Our memories of Mary were how much she was there for everyone from the youngest child all the way through the generations.

Sue Jones
Mary was one of the first people to welcome me into the church premises. She was the embodiment of a gentle soul with everybody else's wellbeing at the forefront of her mind. A gentle, smiling living evangelist of the good news of Jesus will be missed.

Maggie Smith
Mary was inspirational. She radiated love, compassion, kindness and understanding. She was always welcoming, warm and friendly. Her love of God shone through her. She touched so many lives. I will miss her very much.

Alan Tapley
Mary was always calm and gentle.


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