Ludlow Baptist Church Vision 2021












We are a group of very ordinary people, drawn together from Ludlow and the surrounding areas, believing that the Lord is calling us to speak the truth in Love  
We recognise that we are living in a post modern society where the secular humanist experiment to banish God from our nation’s way of thinking has failed and we are now paying the price
In the midst of this we sense the Lord speaking very clearly:
Now is the time: 
Now is the time to speak the truth in love.
Now is the time to proclaim the gospel truths with great boldness.
Now is the time to pray for a mighty Christian revival to break out upon the town of Ludlow and the surrounding areas.
Now is the time to work as one with our brothers and sisters in the other churches recognising that TOGETHER we can do great things for God.
Now is the time to deepen our faith in Him for "as we deepen He will broaden."
Now is the time to share the love of Jesus with our communities in practical ways that bring relief to people who are hungry, desperate and lonely.

A group of ordinary people – come and join us!
Even so, Come Lord Jesus. 
Revelation 22 v20



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