The food bank in Ludlow is housed in Ludlow Baptist Church, but is supported by all the churches in Ludlow. 
We give food parcels to people in crisis situations, who are referred to us.
The contact phone number is 07896 706 189.
We have volunteers on duty 11a.m. - 1p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,when agency workers or parcel recipients can collect their parcels.
We do not offer an automatic delivery service, but parcels can be delivered by special arrangement.

Address:         Ludlow Baptist Church, Rockspring Community Centre, Sandford Road, Ludlow, SY8 1SX



Ludlow CTAL Food Bank

Showing God’s love to people in crisis

First Quarterly Report 2019 

The first three months of 2019 have been extremely busy. We have given out 117 food parcels in 90 days.

We have given out enough food to feed 273 people for a week including 118 children. When repeats are removed from the figures, we have helped 220 different individuals in the first 3 months of 2019.

2019 first quarter report 1


Reasons for needing a food parcel

The most common reason for needing a food parcel is delays or problems with receiving benefits. This has become more pronounced since Universal Credit has been introduced to this area.

2019 first quarter report 2

When the reason given is “Financial”, this usually means that the person is working, but is still facing financial hardship, generally there is a crisis situation.

The proportion of homeless people needing a food parcel has remained at 11%.
Mostly they are housed in the Travelodge where their only cooking equipment is a kettle. We provide kettle packs in these instances these contain things like pot noodles, cup-a-soups, cereals, snacks, bread and sandwich fillings. This year we
have not seen any rough sleepers.

The “Other” issues faced by people are shown below:

Domestic violence                 8
Moving house                        2
Family crisis                           1
Fraud victim                           1
House fire                              1
Partner left, taking all money 1
Total                                      14

We have seen an increase in the number of victims of domestic violence. In three months we have given 8 food parcels to domestic violence victims, last year it was 5 parcels all year.

Some of the cases we have seen have been quite heartbreaking.

2019 first quarter report 3

2019 first quarter report 4

As shown in the above graphs, January was the busiest month, but February and March have not quietened down much. Last year - the busiest year we had ever had - the average number of food parcels given out each month was 26. This year
the average is 39 per month. If we continue at this rate we will give out between 450 -500 food parcels this year. 

Last year we reached 117 food parcels in June, the year before it was July, and the year before that (which was a quiet year) we did not reach 117 food parcels until November. We have already reached this number.

We are so grateful to all the people who so kindly donate to us. The supplies have not dried up. I have had to go shopping several times, but we have had some generous donations of money which have helped greatly.

Sometimes it all feels relentless.

Thankfully we do receive surplus food from Tesco via Hands together Ludlow. Before Christmas we received an extremely large donation of UHT milk which was going out of date in March. We were able to give away all of that milk.

This scheme can only continue because of the generosity of people in and around Ludlow – I am constantly amazed at how kind people are.

A big thank you goes to all our wonderful volunteers who have been working so

Thank you

Ruth Davies






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