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                       7th August                                                                 Where do we go from here? Matthew 28:16-20
                      14th August                                                   1 Why spread the goods news? Luke 15:11-32
                      21th August                                                    2 A life that speaks Colossians 3:5-4:6
                      28th August                                                    3 Getting people interested John 4:4-30

                      4th September                                               4 The Good News Acts 10:23-48
                      11th September                                             5 Creative communication Luke 10:25-37
                      18th September (C)                                       6 An unlikely seeker Like 19:1-11
                  25th September                                             7 Counting the cost Luke 14:25-35 (Harvest)

                      2nd October                                                   Guy Willcock Leprosy Mission
                  9th October                                                    8 Friendship evangelism John 1:35-51
                 16th October  (C)                                            9 Talking with strangers Acts 8:26-40
                  23rd October                                                 10 Crosscultural evangelism Acts 17:16-34
                  30th October                                                 11 Balanced expectations Mark 4:1-20

                  6th November                                                Suffering Church Sunday
                 13th November                                               12 Facing Opposition Acts 4:1-31
                 20th November (C)                                         Climate change service
                 27th November                                               1st Sunday in Advent

                 4th December                                                 2nd Sunday in Advent
                11th December                                                3rd Sunday in Advent
                18th December (C)                                          4th Sunday in Advent
                 25th December                                               Christmas Day

                1st January                                                     Testimony Service







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